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top-500  MMR 4300 +

Brandito is a tank-expert-turned-Doomfist, here to share with you his knowledge on how to crush your games as one of the most mobile, high skill-floor damage dealers in Overwatch. As one of the highest rated Doomfist specialists in the NA region, Brandito's experience is invaluable to upcoming DF mains.

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top-500  MMR 4600 +

Dids is a DPS expert from the UK, specializing in hitscan DPS heroes with a unique affinity for the snipers, Hanzo and Widowmaker. He has finished Grandmaster/Top 500 in every competitive season of Overwatch since launch and finished the opening season of Contenders with a top 16 placement. After witnessing the announcement of Overwatch at Blizzcon, Dids quickly decided that this was exactly the kind of game he could excel at. He entered the game for the first time with the goal of competing at the highest level in mind! And now, after hitting heights of 4617 SR, he has joined GameLeap to pass on his knowledge and solidify his position in the Overwatch community at large.

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top-500  MMR 4400 +

EvilToaster began his Overwatch career with a clear goal in mind: to compete and establish his position in the community of top tier players. With over 1,000 hours of experience in pro scrims and tournament play, and a top 32 finish in Overwatch Contenders, he is one of our most experienced tank experts. Specializing in the anchor tanks, Orisa and Reinhardt, Toast joined GameLeap with a natural drive to teach others. His coaching abilities are pristine and he often reviews the games of his stream viewers. He is now looking to solidify his place as one of the top coaches in the community and teach you everything he knows about how to hold the frontlines on the armor tanks!

Highway 2 videos
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grandmaster  MMR 4200 +

Coach Mills has ranked Grandmaster or Top 500 several seasons in a row on every single role. In addition, he has extensive experience coaching hundreds of individual players across all levels. He is here to show you how to consistently win a lot more of your games.

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GameLeap is an excellent resource of reliable pro player tips for anyone who wants to learn. I used to watch YT videos before but most of them were outdated and created by 3k players.


Went from 2k to 4.3k in 1 month

GameLeap is what I use to stay up to date with the constant new patches in Dota. PROMOCODE BSJ!!!


Went from 2k to 3k in 2 months

The daily releases and helpful community is what keeps me coming back. Great service, I recommend it if you value your time and want to improve.


Went from 4k to 4.7k in 2 months

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