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GameLeap is an excellent resource of reliable pro player tips for anyone who wants to learn. I used to watch YT videos before but most of them were outdated and created by 3k players.


Went from 2k to 4.3k in 1 month

GameLeap is what I use to stay up to date with the constant new patches in Dota. PROMOCODE BSJ!!!


Went from 2k to 3k in 2 months

The daily releases and helpful community is what keeps me coming back. Great service, I recommend it if you value your time and want to improve.


Went from 4k to 4.7k in 2 months

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Dear Community,

At long last, the Outlanders update is upon us! At GameLeap, we are working around the clock to bring you in-depth guides to help you stay on top of your opponents in this new meta.

Here's a brief overview of our content plan:

1. We are covering the major map/item/hero changes first.

2. Dedicated hero courses for Snapfire and Void Spirit are coming as soon as the meta surrounding them is established.

3. We are reviewing and updating all guides and courses to reflect the new patch.

Thank you so much for being a part of our community and sticking with us! Join us on Discord to discuss the patch with other GameLeap members!

GL and HF,

The GameLeap Team