Latest Monopoly GO Free Dice Rolls Links April 2024

In this article, you will learn about the latest free dice rolls links in Monopoly GO.

Latest Monopoly GO Free Dice Rolls Links

Monopoly GO is a cool mobile game that combines classic Monopoly with new twists, such as attacking other players' boards and robbing banks. Created by Scopely for both iOS and Android, the game lets you roll dice, move around the board, take over properties, and make cash. The key to winning more in events, tournaments, and all parts of the game is rolling dice with higher multipliers. To do this without spending money, you can use free dice rolls links every day.

Monopoly GO Free Dice Rolls Links April 2024 (Updated)



Latest Free Dice Rolls for Monopoly GO in April 2024

We are updating the list daily. Be sure to come back tomorrow for new dice roll links. Also, if you're wondering about today's event schedule, check out our guide here - Monopoly GO: Today's Event Schedule.

Keep in mind that each account can claim links only once!



How to Claim Free Dice Rolls in Monopoly GO

Monopoly GO Free Dice Rolls Links April 2024

Simple Steps to Get Your Rolls:

  1. Click on the links we've posted from a device with Monopoly Go installed.
  2. Accept the prompt to open the link in Monopoly Go.
  3. You'll receive in-game notifications about your free dice rolls.

Keep checking for new links to gain unlimited rolls. Regularly complete missions and participate in events and tournaments to maximize your daily rewards in Monopoly GO.

Why Aren't My Free Dice Rolls Links Working?

Monopoly GO Free Dice Rolls Links March 2024



If your dice rolls link isn't working in Monopoly GO, consider these possible reasons:

  • The link may have expired, especially if it's an older one.
  • You might have already used the dice from this link.
  • You must be at least level 15 in the game to claim these dice.

Other Methods to Earn Free Dice Rolls in Monopoly GO

  • Connect your account to Facebook and invite friends.
  • Add friends from your contacts.
  • Collect a Free Gift every eight hours.
  • Win daily Quick Wins for weekly prizes.
  • Earn rolls by rolling doubles at 'Go to Jail.'
  • Watch for special deals like the 'Endless Offer'.

That's all for our guide on the latest free Dice Roll links in Monopoly GO. We hope these tips help you progress and make your game more enjoyable. Don't forget to check back for more updates and tips!