Valve is Trying to Kill Dota 2 with Compendium 2023

The New Dota 2 Compendium: A Letdown for The International 12 Fans


So, Valve's just unveiled the latest Dota 2 Compendium for The International 12 (TI12). Let's be honest, it's more of a disappointment than a revelation. Remember when in-game items funding The International used to be a big deal? This year, they took it back—a decade back.

They've stripped away the mesmerizing cosmetics, exciting game modes and every other extra we've grown to love. What are we left with? The very basics related to the pro scene:

  • Predictions
  • Fantasy
  • New HUD
  • Voice lines
  • Loading screens

That's what they're selling.


And don’t get me started on this oddball bingo game. It's all about luck, depending on the outcomes of pro matches. But hey, there's a tiny highlight: a challenge that nudges you to win with heroes favored by the pros.


Compendium Pricing

Thinking of getting the compendium? The base version costs $7.49, while the level-boosted version comes in at $29.99. At least 25% goes to the TI12 prize pool, so that's something.


Lastly, a bit of good news for all Dota 2 players. Compendium owner or not, you get a refreshed profile section. Finally, a space to flaunt your best cosmetics, a feature we've waited on for way too long. But overall, one can't help but ask: Valve, where's the magic from the past compendiums?