Dota 2 Patch 7.34b: The 5 Least Picked Heroes

The Divine/Immortal bracket consistently provides an intriguing vantage point, given that trends set by top players therein often permeate lower divisions. While professional games draw considerable attention, not all strategies from the pro scene translate effectively into PUB matches.

Credit: Valve Corporation

In the aftermath of the groundbreaking 7.33 patch, Valve swiftly introduced the 7.34 patch to Dota 2. Although not as revolutionary, this update brought about a variety of buffs and nerfs to several heroes. The original 7.34 patch only persisted briefly before its .b version was rolled out, complete with intriguing balance adjustments. Initial trends in the game's landscape were promptly examined in the wake of this update.

With a few days having elapsed since the release of the new patch, the world's finest players have had the opportunity to engage in matches. Notably, the ongoing qualifiers for The International 12 have been generating captivating outcomes. However, rather than focusing on the upper echelon of professional players, this article shifts its attention to top-tier Public Matchmaking (PUB) stars. The Divine/Immortal bracket consistently provides an intriguing vantage point, given that trends set by top players therein often permeate lower divisions. While professional games draw considerable attention, not all strategies from the pro scene translate effectively into PUB matches.

This piece diverges from the usual discourse on successful heroes, instead delving into the heroes that have received the least attention within the Divine/Immortal bracket in patch 7.34b. This analysis aims to elucidate the reasons behind their underutilization and what to anticipate when encountering them in action.

Abaddon hero in dota 2
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Within the Divine/Immortal bracket following the 7.34b update, Abaddon emerges as the most neglected Dota 2 hero. With a mere 1.98% pick rate and a lackluster 49.17% win rate, the hero pales in comparison to more favored alternatives.

Notably, Abaddon benefited from intriguing buffs in both the 7.34 and 7.34b patches. While the latter enhancement should have elevated his popularity through making his Mist Coil more potent—via augmented damage, extended range, and reduced self-inflicted damage—the hero's unsuitability as a support and an offlaner hindered his prospects.

Arc Warden dota 2 hero
Credit: Valve Corporation

Arc Warden

Arc Warden, a hero that never enjoyed widespread favor among professional players, likewise remains a niche selection in PUB matches. Nonetheless, he commands a dedicated following within the highest-level PUB games due to his match-altering capabilities.

In the context of Arc Warden's recent trajectory, his prominence received a nudge from the 7.34b update. Notably, his base armor gained a +1 increment, and his Magnetic Field's cooldown at level 4 was scaled down to 17 seconds from the previous 20. Despite these enhancements, Arc Warden's current statistics—approximately 6% pick rate and almost 51% win rate—reflect a preference for other options among the world's finest PUB Dota 2 players.

Centaur dota 2 hero
Credit: Valve Corporation

Centaur Warrunner

The presence of Centaur Warrunner on this list comes as an unexpected revelation. He was one of the heroes significantly affected by the changes ushered in with the 7.34 update. Among these adjustments, the introduction of a new Aghanim's Scepter upgrade and an overhauled stun appeared promising, resulting in a measure of success for select players. Regrettably, these strides have yet to thrust Centaur Warrunner into the limelight, as indicated by his meager 2.5% pick rate and an unimpressive 48% win rate—the latter being one of the lowest in the game.

One contributing factor to Centaur's lack of popularity among Divine/Immortal players is the availability of superior offlaner choices. Although Centaur exhibits situational viability, particularly given his heightened damage output, players gravitate toward heroes perceived as more impactful, such as Timbersaw and other alternatives.

dota 2 death prophet hero
Credit: Valve Corporation

Death Prophet

Death Prophet's journey from a prominent choice in both PUB and professional games to her current state of relative obscurity is undeniable. Her presence has dwindled, and prospects for a resurgence appear remote.

While the 7.34b update refrained from altering Death Prophet's capabilities, the 7.34 update introduced subtle enhancements. Notably, her base movement speed received a boost to 290, while Exorcism's spirit damage now ranges from 62-67, up from 59-64. Additionally, a level 20 talent empowers Crypt Swarm to impose a 50% slow for 1 second.

However, these incremental improvements have failed to reignite interest in Death Prophet, evident in her current 2.65% pick rate and approximately 50% win rate. Although respectable, these figures underscore her diminished allure within the mid-lane dynamic.

Luna dota 2 hero
Credit: Valve Corporation


The inclusion of Luna as the final hero on this list might astonish some, given her previous popularity. Luna, a carry choice admired for its ability to confound opponents, has experienced a noticeable decline in favor since the advent of Dota 2 Patch 7.34.

Current statistics indicate Luna's waning influence, with a paltry 2.66% pick rate and a modest 48% win rate, marking her as the least successful hero on this list. Curiously, despite benefiting from buffs in both the 7.34 and 7.34b updates, Luna's performance failed to rally. Enhancements such as an expanded Aghanim's Shard Orbit Radius (from 150 to 175) and a wider Collision Radius (90 to 115) for Moon Glaives, alongside a reduced cooldown (110s from 140/130/120s) for Eclipse, have failed to uplift Luna from her current position as one of the game's underperforming carries.