The International 2023 Tickets: Purchasing Guide, Prices, and Sales Dates

Excitement is at its peak as tickets for The International 2023 are set to go on sale today! Discover the details on how to secure your attendance at TI 2023, where you can witness the world's finest Dota 2 teams in action.

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As we inch closer to The International 2023, which is less than two months away, the enthusiasm is mounting. The top 20 Dota 2 teams from around the globe will converge at the tournament, all vying for the coveted Aegis of Champions and the honor of joining the roster of TI champions.

This year, The International 2023 will unfold in Seattle, Washington. Notably, this marks the return of the North American city to the spotlight as the host of Dota 2's premier competition, a role it last undertook in 2017.

Key Information on TI 2023 Tickets

Ticket sales for TI 2023 are divided into two phases, spanning across three weekends. The initial phase, titled "Road to The International," comprises the group stage (October 12-15) and the Playoffs (October 20-22). The subsequent phase, known as "The International," encompasses the Finals Weekend (October 27-29).

Team Tundra winning the International
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The International 2023 Tickets: Where to Purchase, Prices, and Sales Dates

Only the Playoffs and The International stages will accommodate live audiences in 2023. The group stage matches will be conducted without in-person spectators.

To alleviate confusion, ticket sales for each stage will commence on separate days. The sales start dates for both stages are as follows:

Road to The International – Playoffs at Seattle Convention Center’s Summit Building (October 20-22)

  • Tickets available for purchase on August 28 (10 am PT / 6 pm BST) via Ticketmaster.
  • Fans can secure single-day tickets for $99 USD + fees per ticket.

The International at the Climate Pledge Arena (October 27-29)

  • Tickets open for sale on August 25 (10 am PT / 6 pm BST) through Ticketmaster.
  • A three-day pass for the entire stage is priced at $699 USD + fees per pass.
  • Attendees linking their Steam account to the pass will receive a Treasure of the Crimson Witness 2023 and stand a chance to win more throughout the event.
International Venue
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Purchasing The International 2023 Tickets

  1. Log in to your Ticketmaster account.
  2. Visit the TI 2023 ticket page on Ticketmaster.
  3. Choose the phases or specific dates you wish to attend.
  4. Click "Check out" to proceed with payment.

Kindly note that ticket acquisitions are capped at five tickets per transaction. Upon successful purchase, your Mobile Entry Tickets will be accessible within your Ticketmaster account. It's important to acknowledge that these tickets are non-refundable.

The International 2023 Tickets: Addressing Controversy

The pricing of TI 2023 tickets has sparked discussions within the Dota 2 community. To fully embrace the TI experience and witness the matches with a live audience, fans will need to invest nearly $1,000 (exclusive of Ticketmaster fees) solely on ticket expenses.

While ticket costs have escalated in recent years, some fans have pointed out the comparative affordability of attending other esports events. For instance, a four-day pass for the Paris CSGO Major ranged between €170 ($185 USD) and €225 ($245 USD). The least expensive option to enjoy the entire Worlds 2023 playoffs requires an expenditure of 430,000 KRW (~$320 USD).

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Reflecting this sentiment, a Reddit user humorously remarked, "Told my wife it would be cheaper than Taylor Swift tickets… Looks like I’m going to Taylor Swift instead." Another user expressed, "That is over triple what I paid last time I went to Seattle for this. No, thank you."

Given the elevated ticket prices, numerous Dota 2 enthusiasts find themselves with no alternative but to partake in the event from the comfort of their homes.