Valve Brings Back Soundproof Booths for The International 12

Valve, the gaming giant, has made a significant decision regarding Dota 2's The International 12 (TI12). They are bringing back soundproof booths for the tournament after facing various issues during TI11.


During The International 2022 (TI11), there was a lot of discussion about soundproofing. Valve's choice not to use soundproof booths created multiple problems, ranging from concerns about fair competition to hygiene issues. However, it appears that Valve has learned from its mistakes and has decided to reintroduce soundproof booths for TI12, as announced in a recent blog post.

In the detailed blog post, Valve discusses the booth system and explains why they experimented with a boothless setup for TI11. They believed that achieving a soundproof environment without booths would provide players with a better setup. Additionally, the rotating stage allowed Dota 2 professionals to warm up before matches, something they couldn't do with the booth system because they were always on the main stage.

The International 11

During TI11, only the English-speaking announcers' voices were audible in the arena, leading to concerns about teams having unfair advantages. Fnatic even reported soundproofing issues during the event.

In addition to the soundproofing problems, there were reports of ear wax left on earplugs provided to competitors at TI11. Despite Valve's boothless experiment being widely regarded as a failure by most Dota 2 fans, the developer expressed its willingness to continue testing such setups in the future, but not at TI12.

For The International 2023, Valve has decided to bring back their reliable soundproof booths to TI12's main stage. These booths have a rich history and hold a special cultural significance at TI. They not only provide soundproofing but also evoke the spirit of Dota 2's TI, which players and fans alike cherish.

Tundra at TI11

While experimenting with a boothless stage setup might be suitable for other major events, Valve recognizes that TI is a unique and special tournament. Even the presence of Gabe Newell, Valve's founder, welcoming everyone to The International has a profound impact on the event's overall enjoyment. Valve acknowledges that they made a mistake by not adhering to this tradition during the early days of TI11, and they are committed to ensuring a better experience at TI12.