From Warcraft Legend to Dota 2 Prodigy: Grubby's Unbelievable Rise

Grubby's Unstoppable Climb: Is The International Next on His List?

From Warcraft Legend to Dota 2 Prodigy: Grubby's Unbelievable Rise

Grubby, the famed Warcraft 3 pro gamer, is making waves in Dota 2, reaching the respected Divine Four rank just a year after diving into the game. The rapid progress showcases his tenacity and skill. He's now setting his sights on Immortal rank.

Now only a tier away from Dota's peak rank, Grubby is approximately 250-350 MMR points shy of Immortal—a striking accomplishment for someone new to the game.


From his initial Herald rank, Grubby's rise through the Dota 2 ranks has been steady and remarkable. He averages about 15 MMR gains daily, showing immense focus and rarely getting frustrated in matches.

This impressive progress is no surprise given Grubby's storied past in professional gaming. His command of Warcraft, Dota 2's predecessor, surely played a role in his smooth transition. His trophy case boasts two World Cyber Games titles, numerous top-tier tournament wins, and a Blizzcon trophy.

Grubby's year in Dota 2 saw him learn from the best. He got invaluable insights from Dota 2 champions like N0tail, absorbing every piece of advice and continually refining his skills.

If he keeps up this momentum, Grubby could reach the Immortal rank by 2024, marking an incredible journey from the base to the top of Dota 2's ranking system. And after that? A potential appearance at The International could be on the horizon.