Dota 2: SumaiL's Lawsuit Against Former Team Heads to Trial

In an ongoing legal battle, Syed "SumaiL" Hassan, a prominent Dota 2 player, is gearing up to go to trial against Evil Geniuses (EG). This lawsuit has been ongoing for over seven months and is scheduled for trial on November 6th, despite attempts at resolution.

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The lawsuit, dating back to December 2021, centers on allegations that EG exploited SumaiL, who was young and inexperienced at the time, during and after his tenure with the organization. Richard Lewis, a reporter, initially obtained legal documents in March, revealing the contentious situation.

Recently, Lewis reported that SumaiL's legal team rejected nearly all of EG's 26 "requests for admission" and approached key witnesses for testimony. SumaiL's legal representation claims that, when he signed a five-year contract with EG in September 2016, he received a 400,000 share ownership stake in the company alongside his salary. However, when Peak6 Strategic Capital group acquired EG in May 2019, that stake allegedly converted into mixed stock, benefiting only Peak6 members at the time.

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Moreover, the lawsuit highlights instances where EG offered a "mutual release" or termination clause to SumaiL after moving him to the inactive roster following TI9. In this scenario, SumaiL's options for pursuing other playing opportunities were reportedly limited unless he accepted onerous obligations and forfeitures. After departing from EG in January 2020, the organization supposedly offered to buy his stock for $1 million, contingent on his retirement from competitive play.

SumaiL's responses to EG's admission requests primarily categorized them as "overly broad" and maintained the initial assertion that EG exploited him when he was young and inexperienced.

The trial is scheduled for November 6th, with several ex-EG staff and players listed for deposition testimony. Notable individuals include SumaiL's former Dota teammates, Fear, Universe, Arteezy, and Cr1t-, as well as Peter "ppd" Dager, who played with SumaiL and served as EG's CEO briefly. Former COO Philip Aram and recently removed CEO Nicole Lapointe Jameson are also involved.

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Further details about the trial will be confirmed in late October during a final conference to ensure both sides are prepared to proceed. In the meantime, SumaiL is with Team Secret, preparing for the next phase of his Dota career post-TI12.