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14. Diamond Player Thinks He Deserves Onyx?!


Pro Coach Reveals Mistakes You're Making at Platinum

In this Halo guide, Mills will analyze the mistakes of a Platinum 6 player so you need not make them in your own games!

Coach Millls


Made for 1.0.0Information checked and up to date


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ClutchMLB 2 years ago

Thanks for the great breakdown about the aiming and the bandaid of the sensitivity by lowering it. Also talking about the use of the left vs right stick while aiming, so much more to what the halo pros do you just never think about. Watching these while in training mode has been helpful. Been looking at what I can improve upon and these breakdowns of diamond/plat players so far have been great. If you ever need another higher diamond (D5/6) player to tear apart for a breakdown, let me know!



Donutboy32 2 years ago

Love these analyses! I see myself making a lot of these same mistakes too and as a low elo player (gold 5, I know very sad) I like seeing players like me represented in these because I feel it gives me better insight compared to analyses of diamond players who are far ahead of me. Would love the opportunity to have one of my games goofed on for a breakdown



brandonbrown 2 years ago

He's making sure no teammates are around that flag so he gets the cap. It's so frustrating to carry a flag 90% of the way, and then someone else gets the 300 points because they capped it.