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5. This is How to Dominate Strongholds


Big Mistakes Everyone Must Fix!

In this guide, coach Mills turns his ever-critical eye onto himself, picking apart every mistake he made in this match of CTF. Watch closely so you don't replicate his errors in your own ranked adventures!

Coach Millls


Made for 1.0.0Information checked and up to date


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Goodjorb 2 years ago

Why take the lifts to capture the flag? This bothers me all the time, as there are at least 3 other routes that are quicker and full of cover to juggle through. I am always seeing people take the flag through the lift, die at the end of it, leaving the flag there and forcing teammates to sacrifice themselves out in the open to grab it. Is there a benefit to this route that I'm not seeing?



Eroc9er 2 years ago

I've hit a wall at Plat V. Can I send in a game or 2 so you can roast my lack of skill lol