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2. Onyx Habits: Advanced Bazaar Scrim Analysis


How to Clutch Unwinnable Games

In this pro analysis, Mills studies a ranked match in which he and his team face down a 3v4 scenario and manage to come out on top thanks to some game-winning teamwork!

Coach Millls


Made for 1.0.0Information checked and up to date


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Ruthlcss 2 years ago

the only thing I can think of with your question in basement was get a little closer to the door that you were anticipating an enemy player to come through that way you're closer to him to get a beat down and it cuts the line of sight of the door to your left where you got killed. Your shields would have had a better and longer chance to recharge before he saw you.



InGameWorlds 2 years ago

Thanks for this video, I really liked it. It's great to see some more in depth match thought from your end and to see that some mistakes I often make are not that uncommon (the drop from high ground is so familiar). Keep up the good work!



trunemesisprime 2 years ago

Loved this one, very well played.



mpfromthe903 2 years ago

14:16 Basement question - I don't think there is really a right or wrong there. 3v4, and the enemy has known your general location for several seconds. Nice game!



Sockkiller 2 years ago

I'd tell you if I thought it was a good move if you actually interacted with your paying community... Man I appreciate you, but I'm pretty annoyed because this company could be a lot more valuable if you made it more interactive.


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