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20. Climb with Any Hero: Timber is the Offlane King


Climb with Any Hero: Roaming Mirana

In this episode of the CLimb with Any hero series, Speeed will play roaming Mirana.



Made for 7.28aInformation checked and up to date


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vcanaa 3 years ago

I really like these series. Other videos focusing in the small areas are great, but walking through the game in the head of a pro as he makes the calls is reaaaaally something else. Speeed does an incredible job keeping us on top of what is going on and evaluating options, explaining why this and that. Please keep these up.



mirkinma 3 years ago

You played so greedy, and riki's build was complete garbage. You should have directed him to split while you guys deathballed instead of vice-versa. Why did he build deso? To what ends? If you see your sk building garbage you should tell them in advance. Why are you leaving so much to fate? Just tell people what to build if you see they are screwing it up. How does caustic on q help your team win fights. You also miss when your riki has maledict on him like 4 times and go nuts deep even though you have 0 chance of winning the fight without him (because you have overconfidence in DP ult despite not checking for enemy bkb timers).


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