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66. Climb with Any Hero: Dragon Knight Mid


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Climb with Any Hero: Offlane Hoodwink

In this episode, Speeed will play Hoodwink offlane and demonstrate how to have insane solo impact!



Made for 7.29dInformation checked and up to date


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CallofGaming 2 years ago

Hello speeed =) I wish you nice moments, I am old in Dota 2 but I play very very bad I know it I just trying to make it better but I think I need some peple to play with them my English is not perfect but I can comunicate , I wanted to ask if there is a comunty or peple I just can play with them to be friends and play and grow togheter that would be really nice becaes mentaly I need to play with friends its very hard for me to play with random players I push my self to do it but its just getting worse :) I will be thankful if you can help me about it :)



mirkinma 2 years ago

You kind of shot yourself in the foot building acorn here. The reason everyone is maxing bushwack right now is because it lines up with your ult channel time (for max damage [3s]) especially if you start channeling before you actually throw out your bushwack. Most of the time people rush acorn if they are building maelstrom. Otherwise, the default core is arcane into aether lens which lets you set up for kills with bushwack and works great with aghs eventually. It also stops you from needing to buy like 30 mana regen items to keep up the pressure. An alternative 3 build I've seen in 300-400 rank bracket is meteor hammer, also with bushwack setup.



tgdeepak 2 years ago

why you have lower the graphics resolution? does it have any impact in game? or is it coz of you have a low end PC