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37. Climb with Any Hero: Timbersaw Smurf


Climb with Any Hero: Windranger 4

In this episode of the series, Speeed will play Windranger position 4.



Made for 7.28bInformation checked and up to date


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alcaeru 3 years ago

@Speeed can you do a series/course on comeback tactics? so often in these smurf games you just start snowballing with a good lane ect. Can you spend the first 7-10mins trading or losing the lane stage so we can learn how to come back from more challenging games? because we low MMR players don't have the consistency to win lane all the time or then throw our lead with some stupid decisions. So often our games go over 40min and we get the smoke pickoff but don't take the next objective correctly, eg Yolo Mid then lose the next team fight.