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6. How to Dominate After Lane as Garen


How to Destroy Lane as Garen

In this video guide you will learn how to destroy your lane as Garen!



Made for 10.20Information checked and up to date


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Belenger 3 years ago

I just bought this membership and I have found that there's not a lot of useful advice here that isn't given freely elsewhere. When you have an in-depth champion course, I was expecting to see the following info: - Hard counters and specific matchup playstyles/builds for each - Builds for specific matchups (difficult ones) - How to build on Garen vs Tanks, vs Assassins, Long ranged and Mages - Power spikes (you just mention lvl 6) I'm going to take a look at the rest of the builds/macro essentials but what we are paying for is not for general advice, but really specific content that can make a difference in your game.


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