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26. 3 Tips to Lane with an Enchanter Support


How to Adapt to Unwinnable Match-ups

In this video guide you will learn how to adapt to unwinnable match-ups as an ADC!



Made for 11.16Information checked and up to date


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kaida1989 2 years ago

hey midorima, what if my jungler dont want to cooperate and he is afk farming ? just let my bot lane being open??



reptana 1 year ago

I've had a bad run of games with afk supports (their support runs into us and my support runs back and sits behind tower) into Caitlyn/Jhin/Ranged+Lux. I get that I've got to play it slow and farm under tower, but I'd love some VOD reviews of some specific situations and what you're thinking in different places. For example, the Lux E takes up half the lane and keeps me super zoned under tower, and I struggle to not get chunked while trying to get CS.