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2. The Ultimate Aiming Guide - Settings and Crosshair Placement


The Ultimate Aim Guide - Mechanics and Weapons

How do the aim gods of Halo Infinite pull off such ridiculous accuracy? Unlock their secrets and start out towards godhood yourself with this pro guide to rapidly honing your mechanics!

Coach Millls


Made for 1.0.0Information checked and up to date


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Eroc9er 2 years ago

Bro, I've been playing since launch in November. Just yesterday I learned that on PC with Controller you have to log in through Steam Big Picture, and DONT hit Enter on you KB. Otherwise the game often wont recognized you're on controller. Bye, bye aim assist. Can confirm legitimacy as I would often be playing on controller, but all menu options would still be displayed as Keys. now It shows controller buttons. I was stuck at plat 4 for weeks. One night of playing with aim assist and I'm a sliver from D1 lol. OOOPS! If you want to be an aim god play controller with no aim assist for a few weeks LMAO



Wreckful 2 years ago

The comment on using a light mouse is incorrect in my opinion, and I'll use science to prove it. FPS pros have been ADDING weights to their mice for years. The "newer" class of pros don't seem to know the trick, but if you look up the old school pros in the early 2000s weighted mice were widely used. Weight "grounds" the mouse and the weight acts as a filter to stabilize movement. This same principle is why you use a weighted gimble to take steady video. If you're taking a cell phone video in a car driving down a rough road, it's definitely going to be shakey as input from the rough road goes through the car, through your body, and ultimately through your arms causing your phone to move around. A weighted gimble "filters" out this movement, as a brief change of directional input has to first overcome the weight of the gimble to move the phone, and there's not enough energy from say a brief bump in the road to overcome the stabilizing force of the gimble. This is how in Hollywood they can take crystal clear, perfectly stable videos in a car flying down a rough road in a chase scene. This same principle stabilizes aim in a weighted mouse, as your fingers are not as precise and smooth as most people think. The muscles and tendons in your fingers are twitch fibers, which enables very quick movement at the expense of precision and smoothness. When your move your mouse say up and to the left, it's not moving in a straight line as you think. As the tendons and muscles in your hand twitch to create the movement, there's little microscopic wiggles and imprecision that get transfered to the mouse. By having weights in your mouse, there is a stabilizing affect similar to a gimble in that that tiny microscopic movement has to overcome the weight of the mouse to cause inaccuracy, and there's simply not enough energy in that imprecise muscle movement to overcome the weight of the mouse to affect the aim. TL;DR: heavier mice have better, smoother aim capabilities than lighter mice because of science. Pros have used weighted mice for years. Not saying you want a 5 pound mouse, but going out and buying the lightest mouse you can find is definitely not the way to go. Bonus: if you jerk your hand to flick a shot or make a rapid move with a mouse, you can "lift" the mouse ever so slightly, so slightly you probably don't even notice it's lifting but it causes the optical sensor to read imprecisely, a weighted mouse prevents this where a very light mouse is incredibly easy to accidentally lift. Sorry to write a 50 page comment, but I average 65% to 70% in ranked play accuracy using a weighted mouse to stabilize my aim and it works like a charm, and every person I have test out my setup winds up gaining accuracy percentage, so when I saw you suggest a light mouse I had to say something. Great video tho!



Sockkiller 2 years ago

Dude you gatta be kidding me. I'm trying to listen to you speak, but the gameplay doesn't match up 50% of the time with what you're talking about. Had to look at another video to figure out what jiggling meant because it's not apparent in the gameplay... Captions would be nice too. Idk. this is my first video, so I'm going to stay optimistic because it IS good tips.



Paulsbrass 2 years ago

Is there a way to contact the developer of this site? I have a question about compatibility with iPad. My iPad won’t play the videos, even though my iPhone and all other devices work just fine. Apple support couldn’t help and suggested I contact the developer.



MadMax1242 1 year ago

Thank you for these videos and the membership program! Well worth it.