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3. How to Start a Halo Team


How to Communicate like a Pro

You can either rage at your teammates or work with them. This video provides actionable tips to help you lead your team to victory.

Coach Millls


Made for 1.0.0Information checked and up to date


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Dowhatudo 2 years ago

You guys needs to do more videos on situational decisions(vod review?). For instance other team held up hard in tower(livewire) with oddball, live wire on streets, we hold C they hold A, its a current battle for B, we lose B theyre coming for C where we have 2 people defending, other two just spawned. Do the defenders run and we regroup on A or do the defenders slow them down from taking C, buying the other 2 time to take A? strategies when its just two people teaming up with randos. Proper way for two teammates to push the enemy, clear rooms/areas. Things like these would be nice cause mechanics take time... situational decisions are instant



StemmedSwine619 2 years ago

Very, very, helpfyl