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4. Why Visage is the Highest Winrate Hero in Dota


How MindControl Destroys as Visage

In this Dota 2 guide, Speeed will show you how to play visage like Mind_Control.



Made for 7.32cInformation checked and up to date


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Zahur 1 year ago

Regarding 10 level talent. I did some math. At 10 level with Writh Pact you (together with familiars) have total physical DPS 95. Damage talent will increate the DPS to 110. Using Grave Chill alone will increase your peak DPS to 159. If you calculate the Grave Chill CD it's average DPS 130 with non-talented Grave Chill and DPS 143 with talented Grave Chill. Finally if you have the damage talent and use non-talented Grave Chill you get peak DPS 185 and average DPS 151. Actually both talents will get same average DPS from level 18 to level 25, ultimately having both of them at level 27. Lower Grave Chill CD have higher mana reqs so I believe the damage talent is better overall choice. (I calculate the DPS vs armor 14, roughly the armor of towers.)