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22. Awareness and Gamesense in Mid


Why You Fail to Snowball a Lead

In this Dota 2 guide, Speeed will talk about optimizing your decision making and map movement.



Made for 7.27dInformation checked and up to date


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motchymotch 3 years ago

ooft the comment at the end, 'is it actually speeed?' i felt that from over here. thanks for the vid but, great insights to make us better.



ambiouse 3 years ago

Thanks for this analysis. I'm a 6k pos 5 player. And I feel like I have a poor win rate vs TB. I try to shut him down, invade their jungle, ward the entrances, and beg my team to smoke gank but more often than not TB comes back online anyways. What are the suggestions? By the way, I think the boot of travel could be a good option in your build since you dominated them early.



Darvil 3 years ago

I often struggle turning a lane win into a snowball. I mainly play off lane and I think it may have to do with struggling to identify what my job may be in that match. I usually just follow the generic push and defend every tower but I don't always realize I may be the only person who can kill an important hero.