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2. Simplifying Support (Position 4)


Simplifying Support (Position 5)

In this Dota 2 guide, Speeed will teach you some tips on how simplify your games.



Made for 7.21dInformation checked and up to date


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Keikekai 5 years ago

I think it would be a bit more helpful if you had a step by step list like in the offlane video on how to play support.


ALLOU2332 4 years ago

This was a great video, really love the tip about that the mechanics learning will come later on and to learn one thing. Thank you!



Dimsum 4 years ago

Just a follow up on my previous comment. I just watched the Pos4 video and that one is amazing. You jumped straight into the points. 1. Do this, 2, do that, etc.. Brilliant. It would be great if you could recreate this pos5 video in a similar style.



Dimsum 4 years ago

Great video, but I think you guys sometimes oversell it a bit in your titles and description. After reading the description of this whole course, Crash course, learn all the fundamentals, key concepts, everything you need to learn about 5 key positions, etc.. I'm sold. But now, after looking at this video, I don't feel I learned much at all.. Same as Keikai's comment, I was expecting more of a, here'a a step by step guide, from A to Z of everything you need to learn about position 5.. All in a very simple way to learn .. So instead of me, watching hours of guides on support and pos 5, I can just watch this in learn it in 15 min. But you're focusing too much on the mindset, the broader picture, without offering a lot of value. This would've been a great topic or subsection for the Dota Psychology course, but it's FAR from being a crash course.



ezylryb 2 years ago

May i know why you didnt make a new video like these guys asked for? Because i didnt see any updated video. Monthly fee is a lot to me and i want the best from you guys.



Patolea 4 years ago

Nice video, but like my comrades I'm missing a step by step pos 5 guide. Heres a example: 00 to 1:40 - harrass 1:40 - go stack the camp 2:14 - pull the stacked camp 4 - buy a new set of wards and regen 5 - get the rune and gank mid something like that, an receipe to starts changing my way of playing and then afterwards I will use this mindsets you taught me. thank you, you are my favorite guide. Don't be upset about the critics.



biosHazzard 4 years ago

- learn one thing at a time. pick one topic and do it good - lane-ing is the foundation of the game - have a simple plan and stick to it. like pull at 1:55 zone when you have to, and stick to your pull > always give your carry as much XP as possible. don't AFK leech > being greedy as a support is pulling a lot and kill-securing understand what items you need to be effective if you rotate, don't waste your time > every game identify who threatens you and who you can kill and how stop looking for a hero that you see try ganking with your brain, not with your eyes understand enemy heroes that are under-farmed and pick on the tilted. drop wards stop trying to do too much