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7. How To Always have Huge Teamfight Impact


How to Silencer like a God ft. FNG

In this Dota 2 guide, Speeed will show you how to dominate with Silencer.



Made for 7.30cSome parts may be outdated


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CallofGaming 2 years ago

Hello Speeed I want to tell you something and I will be thankful if you can help me I play Dota 2 for 5 years now I am ancient 4 and I know its very very low mmr for 5 years but I try my best to improve more I really don't like this mmr, I do like immortal under 1000 but my problem is not that, I have PTSD and I know what I have to do but I can't do it. I did coach one of my friend's and now he is divine 2 now he ranked up from ancient 3 to divine 2 and he win games ez very ez and he told me he was stacked in ancient for 6 months but when I saw his games and I told him what to do or how he should think or where to play or where not to play he is now like 20 0 every game , I do watch a lot every morning with my coffee I do watch some of Gameleap channel videos or BSJ channel videos or watch in dota 2 live hero's I like in top 100 so I think I know more than ancient 4 but I can't use them in game my favorite role is midlane but I do play all roles because I believe if you have experience in all roles you have better understanding of hole game but I just stopped in ancient 3 4 and its so much important for me I did even stop my university because my mind could not think about anything else but Dota 2 I have plan to back to university but at last I want to be immortal I know I am not good enough to be an Immortal I have mechanical skill problems I do miss last hits always lose lanes and when this things happen I got a lots of eustress and most of times I lost my games like this , I thought it is going to be ok by practicing but after a lot of practice even after 6 months practice I am still the same player the same mistake last hit missing lane losing low farming and in the end game losing I am really tired because at that moment it is most important thing in my life I really feel bad about my self because I could not do it I want to ask if you have any idea and way of practicing any way can help me to don't lose my last hit don't lose lane to have high farm to can win games I want to ask if it possible to tell me the way because they ways I tried doesn't work I did even watch a lot of videos for last hitting I do the same with same hotkeys and same setting I do just with mouse and A but I am still bad in latherin I know I talked a lot sorry about it. but I will be thankful if you can help me. Best Regards Callof.Gaming Yashar