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88. LGD vs. Aster: How to Avoid a Throw


What You Must Learn from Thunder Awaken's Loss to Liquid

In this Dota 2 guide, DoublA will analyze Thunder Awakane's mistakes in game 3.



Made for 7.32cInformation checked and up to date


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ElonStan 1 year ago

I am confused, 50:53 you are talking about them having the same 5v5 without the big skills, but ain't it true that if they didn't win that "20 sec" that game would be over juging from throne HP? isn't game over within 2 second of them hitting? The point is understood, but makes little to no sense. Logic was can 3 heroes take down 2 T4 towers and ancient, while in reality there is tusk comming and as we saw they had lesh, so what Thunder did was fight 3v3 instead of fighing 3v5