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3. How and When to Drag the Wave


Laning Fundamentals: Regen

In this Dota 2 guide, DoublA will show you why regen is so important.



Made for 7.30cInformation checked and up to date


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LiquIDMeow 2 years ago

"It's an ancient game, so dawnbreaker doesn't really know what agro-switching is" ..? Meanwhile, I'm at 2k mmr doing everything from those videos from orb walking, pulling agro for ranged cs, self pulls, managing tower agro, warding and smoking, following correct builds according to what enemy picks and builds are vs me or my cores in the current match, while being called out as a noob for not going straight PT + standard core item... And when I complain that I cannot rank up 90% of the time because of teammates, I get flamed that they're better than me and I'm just crying. Great. Can't believe I wasted 4000 hours of my life and 12$ for those courses to hear that.


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ssfreshss 2 years ago

"Anything can happen in an Ancient game" T_T