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3. When to Draft Every Strength Hero


How to Win Pubs with Flex Picks

In this Dota 2 guide, Speeed will teach you how to adjust your picks based on the enemy heroes.



Made for 7.28bSome parts may be outdated


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DeathArch 2 years ago

Only 360 is avaliable, higher resolution does not work.



niktrix 1 month ago

Why does it have this general title? It doesn't give any general information, but just specific to one of your matches. This video has nothing to do with the title, like it seems most of the videos I watched on your site. It should be titled "How I once upon a time won one match with NP". I would very want to see some general analysis with general guides instead of just analysis of some specific picks in some specific match. Going to unsubscribe, but ping me if something changes in your approach. Thanks!