Dota Psychology

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16. The Power of Sticking to Your Role


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How to Handle Painful Loss Streaks

In this Dota 2 guide, Speeed will teach you how to handle painful loss streaks.



Made for 7.31dInformation checked and up to date


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guccidota 1 year ago

This is an important message, thanks Speeed, you're right don't be too hard on yourself. I watched all your replays from DPC and really felt for you man, mid is tough. I've also recently started playing mid exclusively and it does feel bad when you lose the lane, moreso than losing any other lane for sure. Just keep grinding bro you're one of the best, and my personal favourite dota 2 personality. It takes balls to make the switch to mid after being such a good offlaner, I'm sure I speak for some of the other subscribers when I say that we appreciate this sort of content. It's unrealistic to only post things where you're stomping the enemy team lol so thanks for the variety you offer.