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Camera Control Tips: Using Keys

This keybinds and settings guide will cover controlling your camera using the WASD keys, as well as covering many more associated tips!



Made for 7.21cInformation checked and up to date


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Joyfulbeekeeper 5 years ago

Well, the nice one for ppl, using WASD. This is of course the best camera control, but still it kills too much options and limits a lot. Nobody from top plyers use it and I'm honesly shocked that you manage to play with this shit) BSJ explain a lot about difficulties with options, the best solution is to use camera grip + edge pan. All western and CIS carries play with Grip and all midlaners with Edgepan. And only VP.NoOne (perfect) and Ehome.ASD manage to use both at ones. RTZ who started it first now uses more Grip as a carry.



Dimsum 4 years ago

great video, but once again, another video that is free on your youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mnb-iMYnlks It's starting to feel that I'm paying for something that is already free, but just arranged in a different order.


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finny2257 4 years ago

I use WASD too it's so easy



SeaNewFIsh 4 years ago

camera control becomes important when you see bs rupture creep instead of hero or void unable to catch anything in his net