Titanium Location in Starfield: A Comprehensive Guide

Titanium plays a crucial role in starting up an Armillary on your Outpost, making it a resource you'll need to locate consistently.


In Starfield, crafting serves various purposes, from constructing materials for your Outpost to fulfilling research recipes. One such essential resource you'll frequently require is titanium. Given the vastness of Starfield's galaxy and its abundant resources, finding a reliable source for this material may be challenging. Titanium plays a crucial role in starting up an Armillary on your Outpost, making it a resource you'll need to locate consistently.

Starfield titanium

Where to Find Titanium in Starfield:

While titanium can sometimes be looted from fallen enemies or found in caves, there's a steady and dependable source of this rare material in Starfield. The best location I've discovered for acquiring titanium is on Vega II-B, the moon of the Vega II planet in the Vega System. Keep in mind that titanium is classified as a rare material, so consider investing skill points in both Scanning and Geology to enhance your prospecting abilities.

Vega is situated relatively far from the center of the Starfield galaxy, just above Narion. Use the provided map for reference to pinpoint the exact moon for landing. Once you've landed, utilize your Hand Scanner and enjoy the low-gravity environment as you boost-pack your way to a titanium deposit marked as "Ti."

If your Science skills aren't sufficiently developed to gather titanium directly from the moon's surface, you can construct an extractor as part of your Outpost setup, provided you have the required resources. With a functioning extractor, you won't need to painstakingly aim your laser at each titanium source; the machine will do the job for you.

Titanium Location in Starfield

Other Locations for Titanium in Starfield:

Titanium can also be found on various other moons and planets in the Starfield galaxy. Before landing on a planet, use the scanning function to identify potential resources, and look out for "Ti" markers. Here are some other celestial bodies where titanium can be found:

  • Titan (moon of Saturn), Sol System
  • Heilo (moon of Montara), Cheyenne System
  • Groombridge VII-B (moon of Groombridge VII), Groombridge System

Where to Purchase Titanium in Starfield:

If acquiring titanium through exploration isn't your preferred method, you can also buy it from certain stores scattered throughout the galaxy. Here are some locations where you can purchase titanium in Starfield:

  • Jemison Mercantile (New Atlantis Spaceport, Jemison)
  • UC Distribution (New Atlantis Commercial District, Jemison)
  • Clint’s Collectibles (Gagarin)
  • Midtown Minerals (Akila City)
  • Sieghart’s Outfitters (Neon)
Starfield location of titanium

What Is Titanium Used For in Starfield:

Titanium is a versatile resource used in various crafting and research projects in Starfield. Apart from its role in constructing the Armillary, a crucial component for advancing the main quest, titanium is required for research projects such as Helmet Mods 2 and Spacesuit Mods 2. Additionally, this resource can be employed to upgrade equipment, such as adding Explosive Shielding to a spacesuit. Titanium is, therefore, an invaluable asset for progression and customization in the game.

With this comprehensive guide, you'll be well-equipped to locate and utilize titanium in Starfield for all your crafting and research needs. Whether you prefer gathering it on moons and planets or purchasing it from stores, titanium is a key element in your journey through the vast galaxy of Starfield.


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