Aqueous Hematite Sample Location in Starfield

This sample can actually grant you a temporary capacity boost.


If you're embarking on the Delivering Devils quest in Starfield, you may have noticed an optional objective to obtain an Aqueous Hematite Sample. While it might initially seem like extra work, this sample can actually grant you a temporary capacity boost, akin to upgrading your backpack. This boost comes in handy when you've accumulated a wealth of valuable loot and need to transport it back to your ship without running out of space.

Starfield sample location

Here's how to collect the Aqueous Hematite Sample in Starfield:

  1. Meet Cambridge Cooper: Before you can collect the sample, you must first speak to Cambridge Cooper in the Sixth Circle Bar in Cydonia on Mars. Cooper will task you with venturing into The Deep Mine, which conveniently lies just around the corner from the bar. Follow the quest marker to locate the mine's entrance.

  2. Confront Enemies: Upon entering the mine, you'll encounter hostile creatures and their leader. Dispatch them to clear your path.

  3. Use the Intercom: Proceed through the mine following the quest marker until you reach an intercom. Use it to communicate with Cooper. He will direct you to the approximate location of the Aqueous Hematite deposit, which is near the mine's entrance.

  4. Locate the Aqueous Hematite: Follow the quest marker once more. It will guide you to The Deep Mine and directly to the Aqueous Hematite deposit, situated just past the mine's entrance. Look for a pile of rubble next to a large yellow container.

  5. Mine the Aqueous Hematite: Extracting the Aqueous Hematite Sample is a straightforward process. Equip your Cutter, hold down the attack button as you would when mining other resources, and collect the sample, which will be added to your inventory.

Starfield sample locations

Processing the Aqueous Hematite Sample in the Thresher

Once you have obtained the Aqueous Hematite Sample, you'll find a nearby room containing a large machine called the Thresher. This machine has the capability to transform your Aqueous Hematite Sample into something highly valuable. Simply place the sample in the Thresher and wait for the process to complete.

When the transformation is finished, you'll discover a new item in your inventory called "Pick-Me-Up." This remarkable item temporarily increases your carrying capacity, proving incredibly useful in situations where you've accumulated substantial loot and need to transport it back to your ship efficiently. It's a game-changer that can make your adventures in Starfield much more manageable.


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