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Tanking Alongside Sigma


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Twizt SR 4250 +
In this guide, Twizt will demonstrate some high-level Winston gameplay to teach you how to pilot the hero in an unorthodox team comp!
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Top Rated


7 months ago

How exactly does this demonstrate playing alongside Sigma, specifically? Just seems like some solid clips, and you didn't even mention Sigma very often.


2 months ago

@Jaco34 I have to agree. It doesn't demonstrate the synergy very much. But I think the purpose of Sigma is he can protect Winston with his barrier and at the same time peels better than a D.Va for the rest of his team.


2 months ago

At 2:52, we can clearly see a lot of Winston's counters and there are no vulnerable targets. In this scenario, is it recommended switching even if it worked? Did the space that you've created at the cost of your life could have been more efficient with another tank? What was your thought process and your goal against this comp?


Pro Player
2 months ago

@PentureDePorte My main thought process in this game was that a mirror tank line probably wouldn't work. They have both a Doomfist and a Mei, when we have a widow plus the doomfist. They will destroy our frontline if we try to mirror with mei wall. The best way for me to make value as a tank in this game is to help enable my doomfist to maximize his value. In this specific game, our widow wasn't doing much(at least until 3rd point), and they seemed to not want to cooperate so we had to make with what we had. In order to help out our doomfist, the best thing I could do was create lots of space, even if it happened to cost my life.


2 months ago

@Twizt Amazing. It shows me that you don't always have a perfect team comp in GM and it is sometimes better to prioritize small synergies and carry heroes like Doomfist.


Pro Player
2 months ago

@PentureDePorte Yep! Glad this helped!


2 months ago

I am really appreciating the fact that you don't just show a highlight reel Twizt; this was another great winston guide. Showing me the thought process will help me carry that into my own games. Just climbed from gold to low plat. Won 7/9 Comp matches as winston. Thanks my dude

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