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Welcome to our course to Widowmaker where our experts will teach you everything you need to know to carry your competitive games as Widow!

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Top Rated


2 yrs ago

Really enjoyed it :)


2 yrs ago


2 yrs ago

very nice video :)


2 yrs ago

@null <3


2 yrs ago

why is video black its like that for every video ive tried

Tom GL

GameLeap Team
2 yrs ago

Hey sir @Daman953! Try watching on Google Chrome for the best viewing experience, as this is the browser the site is best optimized for :)!


2 yrs ago

How do I start a course on mobile. It isn't loading up what I assume to be a video


GameLeap Team
2 yrs ago

@Roby062 First off I'd like to identify if you are you on IOS or Android. In regards to starting a course... Are you able to see a course and the videos listed, they're just not playing? Or are you struggling to find courses completely? If you're struggling to find your way to the courses on mobile then you can do the following: 1 - After logging in, click the 'Browse All Courses' link in the top-right just below the bell icon. 2 - Then press your chosen course . This will take you to the course page and display the first guide in that course. For all remaining guides you can scroll down.


2 yrs ago

@Sophie I'm an ios user and I would like to thank you for your help. I think this is a great program


2 yrs ago

this series is still amazing amazing up to this day!


5 months ago

i wanna get "pro", but i don't realy know if its worth it, if it can realy help me to reatch dia/master. i wanna start playing in "profesional" tournements and im wondering if anyone has "pro" that can tell me if its worth it or not.


4 months ago

I just noticed that widowmakers name is from her making people widows


2 yrs ago

why am i getting no video lul trash website i cant Watch anything


7 months ago

@Tom87 watch on chrome

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