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Widowmaker - Flanking an Anubis Defense Replay Analysis

Though recorded in an older patch, many of the concepts covered in this guide are still applicable to the Overwatch of today!

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pro player
Dids SR 4600 +
This video will teach you how to be the sneaky assassin and secure the point for your team by getting the jump on the enemy. Learn how to deal with an Orisa defense on Anubis and when is the right time to swap from Widowmaker to something that will seal the victory.
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I really like dids voice. It’s so calming!


GameLeap Team
9mon ago

@michael.hartman Indeed! And he's also one of the top players in the world! Awesome combo :D


3mon ago

How to Widowmaker, "Okay so first thing youll want to switch off Widow and go Genji :,D"

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