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Dueling the Enemy Reinhardt

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In this Overwatch guide, you will learn everything you know when facing up against a Reinhardt in the other team.

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Top Rated


3 months ago

That counter charge information is false, zarya's bubble no longer affects counter-charging. Both reins will be knocked down regardless of bubble


a yr ago

In my opinion, there are two ways of blocking: shielding and body blocking, so sometimes u should be like genji as a reinhardt :)


4 months ago

whats the stance on blocking projectile healers like bap/ana? is there any value if say a tank/dive dps comp gets behind you to deny them heals?


3 months ago

@kdillon21 that's a very case-by-case situation, say a winston and jumps into your team, can defence matrix all incoming damage onto the winston and winston will likely be able to get a pick before the defence matrix ends, so in that scenario you would need to go back and pressure the winston with your hammer as that can't be blocked by DM, if it was a rein going super aggressive and HE DOESN'T HAVE SHATTER (That's very important) blocking his heals would be smart as long as your team has the followup damage to kill him. However it's often smarter just to focus on the tank mirror and play it safe rather than going for super fancy big brain plays. Unfortunately if you don't have a HUGE understanding of the game (I'm talking 3.8k+) these plays will more often than not get you or your team killed, the safe play is the best play


a month ago

i think im gonna quit this game. i dont get it.

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