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Overcoming Competitive Anxiety

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In this video, our expert Highway will tell you how to overcome competitive anxiety when playing. Heed his advice to improve your mental state and not let toxic players affect your game.
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Top Rated


2 yrs ago

Lel I was anxious about trying soloqueueing competitive yesterday, and you release that video ^^ Thanks @Highway <3


2 yrs ago

@Elnora Of course! Hopefully it went well (:


a yr ago

i have always had anxiety about my sr and i sometimes would just play qp bec i didn't want to loose my rank but thanks to this vid and "How to Avoid Getting tilted" i got to diamond thx


a yr ago

This didn't really address my main concern. My "Competitive Anxiety" is more about being scared to queue because I'm worried about being an anchor on my team.


a yr ago

people say that they can find this on yt but i actually enjoyed listening to you.


2 yrs ago

hi Highway i play alot of mercy and get called a good one two but cant seem to climb. Do i need to play more games and get more experience to see a diffrence because ive played up to 100 games soon and feels like i keep staying in gold and cant get up in rank


7 months ago

thank you so much I was really scared about my voice


2 yrs ago

Why do I have to pay to watch this full video?


4 months ago

I really struggled with competitive ladder anxiety. I've gotten better at not being mad at myself for losing SR as long as I played well. These tips are great for me to keep in mind when I get an unwinnable game.


2 yrs ago

I can search a guide about this on youtube for free

Tom GL

GameLeap Team
2 yrs ago

Hey @McFlurry! Yes, perhaps you could :) And maybe you could find a video covering this topic from a Top 500 pro coach if you searched for long enough! However second to more advanced and up-to-date content, what we want to save you is time. The less time you have to spend trawling around YouTube / livestreams searching for good, reliable info, the more time you can spend in Overwatch putting what you've learned to use!

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