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EvilToaster began his Overwatch career with a clear goal in mind: to compete and establish his position in the community of top tier players. With over 1,000 hours of experience in pro scrims and tournament play, and a top 32 finish in Overwatch Contenders, he is one of our most experienced tank experts. Specializing in the anchor tanks, Orisa and Reinhardt, Toast joined GameLeap with a natural drive to teach others. His coaching abilities are pristine and he often reviews the games of his stream viewers. He is now looking to solidify his place as one of the top coaches in the community and teach you everything he knows about how to hold the frontlines on the armor tanks!

EvilToaster SR 4400 +
Learn to get the most value possible from Orisa's ultimate, Supercharger, in this top-to-bottom ability guide by EvilToaster.
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2 yrs ago

Some ults don't need the buffed right?, because they are pretty much guaranteed kills. Ults you can walk out of like Hanzo's would be a good buff because they'd have less time to walk out safely. I've been guilty of using it while team is using basic skills to help on break through, when we're having some trouble on breaking enemy formation. I've been staying away from tanks mostly because I wasn't very confident, like I didn't know you could double tap her pull skill until watching your vids. Thanks for the awesome guidance here.

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