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In this Overwatch guide you will learn why Baptiste is a sleeper carry support that can win you games. Learn how to dominate every game in this guide by coach Mills.


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ScrtAgentX 3 years ago

Is there any way that you can make an updated video for this hero since he has recently undergone quite a few nerfs? I main Baptiste and play him at masters level, but could use some help figuring out how to sustain my team now that he isn't as good as before. They have increased the amount needed to charge his ultimate, decreased healing amount (which affects ultimate charge), decreased healing firing rate (which also affects ultimate charge), increased invincibility shield cool down time, and reduced invincibility shield time while up. I used to be able to sustain my team quite well, but am having a hard time with these new changes to the character. I watched through all the videos, but they are all pre-nerfs. Any updated tips and tricks would be nice :)


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Madcow 3 years ago

could you make a baptiste guide on a dps bap like 50 % heals and 50% dps because in all honesty i see the dps bap stats in top 500 more than the healing main baps


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thechad129 3 years ago

I think something else that would be good to cover is best controls settings for specific characters. For example, is it best to have Baptiste Automatic Reload on or off? I didn't even know that was an option until recently. For me personally, the obvious choice would be to have it on, but other characters dont have that option so it could mess with mechanics.



SimonPetrikov 3 years ago

i want too mention imortality feild does heal if the teamate is below 40


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ixxgunnerxx 2 years ago

6:30 I've notice that no one ever uses this ... I always so ppl jumping to cover cuz there rein just died ,, or Just not playing on the Corner .. play overwatch lie a fps , y wouldn't get on cod and just run out .... nope u would die if u do that... but yet I always see pll do this in overwatch ( guess since I'm not in top 500._lol)


ixxgunnerxx 2 years ago

i notice he didn't say, That u have to, have a line of sight ...with the morality field ring/disk.... if ur in the circle but the disk does not have line of sight. it will not keep u alive! so watch u don't walk to far around a corner when the field is up.


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