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31. How to Lane Against a Ranged Top Laner


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How to Abuse Split-Pushing

In this video guide you will learn the essentials of split-pushing as a top laner to have maximum impact on your games!



Made for 10.8Information checked and up to date


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Menes51 2 years ago

I know nobody responds to this lol but can Wukong be a good split pusher? I know he is best for team fights but i was wondering if he could.


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Killerspieler1 2 years ago

the problem here is that in iron till silver no one understands what split pushing is and what the toplaner is doing there and what the other players of the team need to do... your team wants always that you group with them or they take stupid 5 v 4 fights instead of playing safe and thats kinda annoying cause you can stand tall as toplaner and hard win your lane but if your team sucks and they feed, you will still lose the game even if you would group. thats a scenario which i faced a lot while learning this.