Decision Making & Strategy

Reliable and Unreliable Gold

Though some footage in this guide is from an earlier DotA 2 patch, all concepts covered remain fully applicable to the DotA of today!


The guide was created with patch 7.19c

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In this Dota 2 guide, you will learn what is the difference between reliable and unreliable gold and how can you use it to your advantage.
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a yr ago

It's Bashruk, isn't he?


a yr ago

@Joyfulbeekeeper No, that's Tom from the GameLeap staff, who also voiced Bashruk's guide (you remember correctly!) :)


a yr ago

@Bangarang285 EZ! Kreygasm Btw, it would be great if you have added settings for automatic choosing preferable quality, as default quality jumps from 1080 to 480 from time to time even with good specs and internet... and you have to set 1080 manually.

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