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Recognizing the End of the Laning Stage (Part 1)


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In this guide, BSJ continues his Coaching Simulation to finish up the laning stage. In two parts, he explains what indicators you can use to recognize the end of the laning stage, and what that means for your hero - be it finding different places to farm or trying to make plays on the map. BSJ also shows several replay examples of competitive and public games to illustrate how the end of the laning stage varies from game to game and how players react to that.

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7 months ago

You guys have a mistake in here. It says that this video was created with patch 7.23b, which is impossible, because at 16:25 BSJ talks about the possibility of going Ring of Aquila before BF. I know that the principles talked about in this video is and will be useful for every patch, but please don't lie, just have the "This guide is up to date" thing there :D


6 months ago

Hi, awesome channel you have over here. It opens up my eyes to dota, enabling me to look at it more humanised and a whole new game. Content is awesome but the website User Interface however, could use some improvement, especially the video player. It would be nice to be able to fast forward 10 seconds per double click like youtube's because trying to scroll through the timer is a chore and incredibly inaccurate. 2ndly, user's progress through each video should be saved so that it is easier to resume, having to comb through each part of the video just to find out where we left off is just frustrating. 3rdly, the website auto logs me out, it makes it hard to watch on the mobile because each time I have to answer a message, I get logged out, the last page is not saved and I have to do 2 things, 1. renavigate to the last video I watched 2. comb through the video and find where I left off. It would be great if there was a link on the homepage that can directly refer me to the last video that I watched at that specific video timing. The content is great and all but it's benefits are diminished if the user interface making it hard to finish watching even one video on the go. Most of us are not professional players who sit our ass down and finish watching entire videos in one sitting. Most of us have DotA as a hobby and watches it on the go in a subway/walking to school/work/waiting for meeting/appointment. I think it is best if you could launch a mobile app in the play store and app store that is able to incorporate all these from scratch. I think this type of online subscription business is incredibly apt to be incorporated into an app.


6 months ago

@zhixue3 incredibly similar to netflix don't you think? Why not improve the UI and use their business model?

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