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After the Laning Stage

Identifying and Dealing with a Dead Lane


The guide was created with patch 7.13

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"Dead Lane" is a term you may have heard casters or streamers say, but what does it actually mean? BSJ will teach you all you need to know about the concept of dead lanes, what they are and how they impact the way you should move around the map.

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Top Rated


6 months ago

does the localization of outpost changed this logic?


6 months ago

@Nightsliced I think it will change a little bit of the dinamic, but the overall concept still aplies. Now, even if you dont have the tower you'll have a way to protect the area by getting the outpost. That is valid for both sides. Still, the idea of dead lane is a idea of pressure and potential, so it still aplies.


8 months ago

This is the Best


7 months ago

As a herald player who smurfs destory their pubs, I am sure with this contents on game leap and practise game mechanics to death we can destroy them too.


12 days ago

may be require updated content for the new map. the HG ground and removal of shrine makies is significant difference

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