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Lane Equilibrium & Creep Aggro

Creep Aggro Mechanics


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In this guide, BSJ explains how exactly the game mechanics behind creep aggro work and what rules creeps and towers follow when choosing their targets.

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Top Rated


a yr ago

The creep pull by right-clicking Axe on the other side of the map blew my mind, this game just got way more complex for me. Thank you.


2 yrs ago

You rock BSJ, I'm learning so much from these videos!


a yr ago

WoW I had no idea that the Stones displayed the guard distance


a yr ago

this is unrelated but is lifesteal a seperate dmg from the intial dmg dealt? like if i deal 100 dmg and have 10% lifesteal do i only get 10% of that dmg as health, or do i get 10% as health and do 10% dmg so 110% total?


6 months ago

@SaiKoSama the lifesteal is a percentage you will heal based on your damage a far as I know. So continuing your example, if you hit for 100 damage, and have 10% lifesteal, you will heal 10% of the damage you dealt. If the enemy has 10 armour, you only hit for 90 damage, and heal only 9 points of HP. If I am wrong someone please correct me!


5 months ago

The viedo not found error in chrome


15 days ago

12:24 Is my understanding correct that MY WARD is helping the enemy creep draw agro to hg and also helping enemies to guess wardplacement?

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