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Speeed Shreds a 3k PUB's Item Builds

In this Dota 2 guide, Speeed will analyze the item builds of 3k pub players.



Made for 7.30eInformation checked and up to date


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wombat9000 1 year ago

hi speed, very cool video. i really enjoyed this format, and i think it would be amazing to have this for high mmr matches and unconventional itemchoices (or skill choices) are being made due to some niche circumstance. most famous example being topsons diffu on gyro vs bristle & omni in the TI9 grand finals, to burn their mana. i think covering situational pickups can really help players reach the next level, by understanding that hero and item builds are not set in stone. thanks for the great content, keep it up:)



naeven 1 year ago

This was great!