Wuthering Waves: Pecok Flower Locations & Farming Routes

Find out the locations of all Pecok Flower in Wuthering Waves and discover the best farming routes in this comprehensive guide.

Wuthering Waves: Pecok Flower Locations & Farming Routes
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In Wuthering Waves, Pecok Flowers are essential for ascension, making them a valuable resource for players. Knowing the right locations and farming routes can save time. This guide provides all the necessary details on where to find Pecok Flowers and the best routes to farm them efficiently.

Pecok Flower Locations in Wuthering Waves

Pecok Flowers primarily bloom in Taoyuan Ville, a vibrant area located between the Georges of Spirits and Central Plains. The majority of these flowers can be found scattered across this region, making it the best place to start the farming journey.

A few Pecok Flowers also bloom in the coastal areas. While these are fewer in number, they are relatively easy to spot and can supplement the main farming route in Taoyuan Ville.



Pecok Flower Farming Routes

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Starting Point: Taoyuan Ville

  • Begin at the entrance of Taoyuan Ville.
  • Follow the main path through the ville, collecting flowers along the way.
  • Pay attention to the sides of the path, as Pecok Flowers can often be found near the edges.

Middle Route: Southeast of the Ville

  • Move towards the southeast after completing Taoyuan Ville.
  • Look for Pecok Flowers along the transition area between the ville and the plains.
  • This route offers a mix of easy and hidden spots, so thorough exploration is key.
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Ending Point: Central Plains

  • Finally, head to the Central Plains.
  • Search near the large rock formations and grassy areas.
  • This area has a higher density of flowers, making it a fruitful end to the farming route.



Vendor Location for Pecok Flowers

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In addition to farming, players can purchase 15 Pecok Flowers from Koko in Shifang Pharmacy, Jinzhou.

Look for a vendor wearing a bright green apron called Koko. Purchasing these flowers can save time and ensure players have enough resources for their ascension needs.


Understanding the locations and routes for farming Pecok Flowers in Wuthering Waves can significantly enhance efficiency. By following this guide, players can ensure they gather the necessary ascension materials for Jiyan, Rover, or Encore without wasting time. Happy farming!