Wuthering Waves Leaks: Jinhsi Ascension Materials

Discover all you need to know on the latest Wuthering Waves leaks, revealing Jinhsi's ascension materials.

Wuthering Waves Leaks: Jinhsi Ascension Materials
Kuro Games /GameLeap

Are you excited about the upcoming new character, Jinhsi, in Wuthering Waves? Many players eagerly anticipate her release, as she promises to be a powerful addition to the game. Recently, leaks have surfaced revealing Jinhsi's ascension materials, let's take a look!

Jinhsi Ascension Materials Leaked

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Kuro Games /GameLeap

To unlock Jinhsi's full potential, players must gather the necessary ascension materials. According to the leaks, these materials include:

  • Elegy Tacet Core x46
  • LF Howler Core x4
  • MF Howler Core x12
  • HF Howler Core x12
  • FF Howler Core x4
  • Gloom Slough x60
  • Shell Credit x170,000

Elegy Tacet Core: Obtained by defeating the Mourning Aix boss in Whining Aix's Mire.

Gloom Slough: Found primarily in the Dim Forest's Giant Banyan and Forbidden Forest sub-areas.

LF, MF, HF, and FF Howler Cores: Dropped by various enemies, including Gulpuffs, Chirpuffs, Cruisewings, and more. Can also be purchased from the Jinzhou Souvenir Shop, obtained through Forgery Challenges, and synthesized.



Jinhsi Skill Upgrade Materials Leaked

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Kuro Games /GameLeap

Upgrading Jinhsi's skills is crucial for unlocking her full potential. The leaked materials needed for this process include:

  • Sentinel's Dagger x26
  • Waveworn Residue 210 x25
  • Waveworn Residue 226 x28
  • Waveworn Residue 235 x55
  • Waveworn Residue 239 x67
  • LF Howler Core x25
  • MF Howler Core x28
  • HF Howler Core x40
  • FF Howler Core x57
  • Shell Credit x2,300,000

Sentinel's Dagger: Likely dropped by the upcoming weekly boss, Jue, in the Mt. Firmament area.

Waveworn Residue 210, 226, 235, and 239: Obtained by spending Waveplates after completing the Forgery Challenge: Eroded Ruins, located east of the Huanglong-Wuming Bay resonance beacon.




With these leaked Jinhsi ascension materials, players can prepare for her arrival and start farming the necessary resources. However, it's important to note that leaks should be taken with a grain of salt, as information may change upon the official release.

Stay tuned for more updates on Wuthering Waves and the highly anticipated 5-star Resonator, Jinhsi.