Wuthering Waves Leaks: Changli Ascension Materials

Discover all you need to know on the latest Wuthering Waves leaks, revealing Changli's ascension materials.

Wuthering Waves Leaks: Changli Ascension Materials
Kuro Games /GameLeap

Changli is one of the upcoming new characters in Wuthering Waves that fans have been waiting for. Recently, leaks surrounding her ascension and skill upgrade materials have surfaced, giving a glimpse of what to prepare. Let's find out about the details in this article.

Changli Ascension Materials Leaked

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Kuro Games /GameLeap

Changli, a Sword-wielding Resonator, is poised to take the game by storm. She will serve as the advisor to Jinzhou's magistrate, Jinhsi, who is also slated for release in Version 1.1. With her unique abilities and powerful potential, Changli is sure to become a coveted addition to any player's roster.

To unlock Changli's full potential, players must gather the necessary ascension materials. According to the leaks, these materials include:

  • Rage Tacet Core x46
  • Crude Ring x4
  • Basic Ring x12
  • Improved Ring x12
  • Tailored Ring x4
  • Pavo Plum x60
  • Shell Credit x170,000

Rage Tacet Core: Obtained by defeating the Inferno Rider boss in the Sea of Flames, Port City of Guixu.

Crude, Basic, Improved, and Tailored Rings: Dropped by defeating Exiles, which can be tracked using the Guidebook.

Pavo Plum: An unreleased Resonator Ascension material likely to be found in the new Mt. Firmament region introduced in Version 1.1.



Changli Skill Upgrade Materials Leaked

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Kuro Games /GameLeap

Upgrading Changli's skills is crucial for maximizing her combat effectiveness. The leaked skill upgrade materials are as follows:

  • Sentinel's Dagger x26
  • Inert Metallic Drip x25
  • Reactive Metallic Drip x28
  • Polarized Metallic Drip x55
  • Heterized Metallic Drip x67
  • Crude Ring x25
  • Basic Ring x28
  • Improved Ring x40
  • Tailored Ring x57
  • Shell Credit x2,300,000

Sentinel's Dagger: Speculated to be a new weekly boss drop from Sentinel Jue, a boss fight set to debut in Version 1.1.

Inert, Reactive, Polarized, and Heterized Metallic Drip: Obtained by spending 40 waveplates after defeating Tacet Discords in the Forgery Challenge: Flaming Remnants, located in the Sea of Flames, Port City of Guixu.




As players eagerly await the release of Wuthering Waves 1.1, these leaks provide a valuable glimpse into the materials needed to fully unleash Changli's potential. By diligently farming and preparing, dedicated players can ensure they are ready to embrace this powerful new addition to their team.

Please note that these are leaks, meaning they are only speculative and subject to change. Be sure to take the leaked information with a grain of salt.