WoW: The War Within - New Earthen Race Racials and Customization

The Earthen Allied Race in WoW: The War Within brings unique character customizations, racial abilities, and class options, which we’ll be going through in this article.

WoW: The War Within - New Earthern Race Racials and Customization

The Earthen are a new Allied Race appearing in World of Warcraft: The War Within. The big, stony dwarves will be accessible to both the Alliance and the Horde, with a variety of distinctive character customizations such as beards, gemstones, and colorful skin tones. Their new abilities are not only powerful but also flavorful and innovative.

Earthen Customizations Options in WoW: The War Within

The Earthen is the first neutral Allied Race available to both Alliance and Horde players in WoW, with ten playable classes (excluding Druids, Evokers, and Demon Hunters). While Blizzard teased this species with beards on both male and female Earthen, we may now see some more of their customization options.

Female Earthen Customization

WoW: The War Within Earthen

You can see all of the female Earthen customization options in WoW: The War Within by checking the links below:



Male Earthen Customization

WoW: The War Within Earthen

You can see all of the male Earthen customization options in WoW: The War Within by checking the links below:



Earthen Racial Abilities in WoW: The War Within

WoW: The War Within Earthen

The Earthen will be playable in World of Warcraft: The War Within, allowing players to fully explore their character customizations, racial attributes, and race-specific class models. As well as, some fantastic passive improvements to their armor and gathering stats.

As stone beings, they are unable to consume food and instead receive the "Well Fed" bonus, which they can personalize by consuming jewels. However, their most interesting racial ability is Azerite Surge.

Azerite Surge – Draw upon your inner strength. Release to invoke the power of Azerite, dealing fire damage. Empowering has the following effects:

  • I: Deals (113.4% of spell power) fire damage
  • II: Heals allies for (100% of spell power + 100% of attack power)
  • III: Deals (113.4% of spell power) additional fire damage to the highest health enemy

Ingest Minerals – You are always "Well Fed", but cannot consume food. Activate Ingest Minerals to consume a gem and change the benefit granted to you by Well Fed.

  • Amber: Stamina
  • Emerald: Haste
  • Onyx: Mastery
  • Ruby: Critical Strike
  • Sapphire: Versatility

Hyper Productive – Increases finesse by 2%. Finesse increases the chance of gathering additional materials.

Titan-Wrought Frame – Base armor from equipped items is increased by 10%.

Wide-Eyed Wonder – When you gain experience for exploring a location, you gain 100% additional exploration experience.



Earthen Unique Features in WoW: The War Within

Earthen Charging Mount

Though World of Warcraft's Warbands system allows players to see up to four of their characters on a single screen, the Earthen still have a distinct character choice background set in Khaz'Algar.

The race can choose Paladin or Shaman as their class, which includes unique totems and a charging mount.

Earthen Totems

While many World of Warcraft players were initially skeptical of the Earthen Allied Race, their intriguing and powerful racial traits and their distinct lore have gradually won them over. The Earthen, like the other Allied Races, will not be available straight away, as the unlock process appears to be limited to finishing the main story and a few Earthen-specific side missions.

WoW Harronir

Some enthusiasts believe World of Warcraft may include a second Allied Race in The War Within. The Harronir, thought to live in the Azj-Kahet zone, resemble a cross between Night Elves and Trolls, but with porcupine-like quills. 

While there is no assurance that they will be introduced, Harronir already have a wide range of customization possibilities and share the majority of the necessary player model animations and rigging, leading many to anticipate that these strange creatures will also be playable.