WoW The War Within Beta: Shaman Hero Talent & Class Changes

We will be taking a look at the upcoming Shaman changes coming to the World of Warcraft The War Within Beta build.

WoW The War Within Beta: Shaman Hero Talent and Class Changes

The World of Warcraft community has been very adamant about the lack of significant changes to the Shaman class, as it seems Blizzard had left it to the mercy of the elements. WoW players have constantly been providing feedback to the devs to provide more meaningful and impactful balance updates as the rest of the game's roster of classes got significant tweaks. 

With that in mind, Blizzard is finally responding to the player base as they have recently shared a huge list of changes coming to the World of Warcraft The War Within Beta build. We will go over all of the patch notes detailing the class updates, and even Hero Talent changes for players to try out in the beta.



The War Within Beta Shaman Changes 

World of Warcraft The War Within Beta Shaman Changes

You can review the thought process of the devs for all of the Shaman updates, here. With that in mind, here are all of the provided The War Within Beta Shaman changes in Blizzard's official patch notes:


Class Tree

  • Many talents have moved locations or have had their pathing updated in all trees.
  • New Ability: Skyfury – Harness the fury of the Windlord to grant a target ally 2% Mastery and empower their auto attacks to have a 20% chance to instantly strike again for 1 hour. If the target is in your party or raid, all affected party and raid members will be affected. Learned at level 17.
  • New Talent: Elemental Resistance – Healing from Healing Stream Totem reduces Fire, Frost, and Nature damage received by 6% for 3 seconds. Healing from Cloudburst Totem reduces Fire, Frost, and Nature damage taken by 3% for 3 seconds.
  • New Talent: Refreshing Waters – Your Healing Surge is 25% more effective on yourself.
  • New Talent: Traveling Storms – Thunderstorm now can be cast on allies within 40 yards, reduces enemies movement speed by 60%, and knocks enemies 25% further.
  • New Talent: Seasoned Winds – Interrupting a spell with Wind Shear decreases your damage taken from that spell school by 15% for 18 seconds. Stacks up to 2 times.
  • New Talent: Encasing Cold – Frost Shock snares its targets by an additional 10% and its duration is increased by 2 seconds.
  • New Talent: Arctic Snowstorm – Enemies within 10 yards of your Frost Shock are snared by 30%.
  • New Talent: Ascending Air – The cooldown of Wind Rush Totem is reduced by 30 seconds and its movement speed effect lasts an additional 2 seconds.
  • New Talent: Enhanced Imbues – The effects of your weapon imbues are increased by 20%.
  • New Talent: Stone Bulwark Totem – Summons an Earth Totem at the feet of the caster for 30 seconds, granting the caster a shield absorbing damage for 10 seconds, and an additional absorb every 5 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.
  • New Talent: Jet Stream – Wind Rush Totem’s movement speed bonus is increased by 10% and now removes snares.
  • New Talent: Primordial Bond – While you have an elemental active, your damage taken is reduced by 5%.
  • Voodoo Mastery has been redesigned – Your Hex target is slowed by 70% during Hex and for 6 seconds after it ends. Reduces the cooldown of Hex by 15 seconds.
  • Flurry moved from Class tree to the Enhancement tree.
  • The cooldown of Gust of Wind has been reduced to 20 seconds (was 30 seconds).
  • Earthgrab Totem and Windrush Totem no longer share a choice node.
  • Lightning Lasso and Thundershock no longer share a choice node.
  • The following talents are now 1 point:
  • The following talents have been removed:

Hero Talents

Farseer (Restoration/Elemental)


Totemic (Enhancement/Restoration)



Elemental Shaman



Enhancement Shaman


Restoration Shaman


And that covers all of the recent changes to Shamans in The War Within Beta. The devs have stated that more updates are likely to come in future builds as the players test out and provide feedback to Blizzard to ensure that every class feels fun and exciting to play in the next World of Warcraft expansion.