WoW The War Within: Arms/Protection Warrior Hero Talent Tree

The new Hero Talent Tree for Warriors is here, here's what to expect from it in World of Warcraft The War Within.

WoW The War Within: Arms/Protection Warrior Hero Talent Tree

World of Warcraft is preparing for the upcoming release of The War Within. Today Blizzard released a brand new Hero Talents system for each class in the expansion. We can expect changes in Retail as many players have been wishing for more flavor in their classes. Fortunately, these new Hero Talent Trees look promising!

In this guide, we will check out the new Hero Talent Tree for Warriors, called Colossus, and we'll judge how powerful we can expect the talents to be.

ColossusWarrior Hero Talent Tree WoW The War Within



WoW The War Within: Colossus Warrior Hero Talent Tree

Since there is a lot to cover in the initial Hero Talent tree, we will be separately examining all of the nodes to better understand the core concepts.

Colossus Keystone

Demolish: Unleash a series of precise and powerful strikes against your target and enemies within 8 yards of it. You can block, parry, and dodge while using this ability. 45 second cooldown.

Colossus Row 1


Martial Expert: Your critical strike damage is increased by 10% and the amount blocked by your critical blocks is increased by 10%.

Colossal Might: Mortal Strike and Shield Slam grant a stack of Colossal MightColossal Might increases damage dealt by Demolish by 10% and stacks up to 5 times. Demolish consumes Colossal Might.

Choice Node: Boneshaker and Earthquaker

  • Boneshaker: Shockwave's stun duration is increased by 2 seconds.
  • Earthquaker: Shockwave also knocks enemies into the air, and its cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds.

Colossus Row 2


Choice Node: One Against Many and Arterial Bleed

  • One Against ManyShockwaveCleaveWhirlwind, and Revenge deal 5% more damage per target affected up to 5.
  • Arterial Bleed: Colossal Might increases the damage of Rend and Deep Wounds by 2% per stack.

Tide of BattleColossal Might increases the damage of Overpower and Revenge by 2%.

Choice Node: No Stranger to Pain and Rally

  • No Stranger to Pain: Total damage prevented by Ignore Pain increased by 15%.
  • Rally: Taking damage has a low chance to give you a Second Wind for 2 seconds.


Colossus Row 3


Practiced Strikes: Mortal Strike and Shield Slam damage increased by 15%.

True Might: Mortal Strike and Shield Slam critical strikes grant an additional stack of Colossal Might.

Mountain of Muscle and Scars: You deal 5% more damage and take 2.5% less damage. Size increased by 5%.

Colossus Capstone


Unstoppable Force: Colossal Might now stacks 10 times. If you were to gain an additional stack of Colossal Might but are already at max stacks, the cooldown of Demolish is reduced by 2 seconds. While channeling Demolish, you are grounded, making you immune to stuns and effects that move you.




The Warrior tree will be updated in the War Within to make the Shockwave talent more easily accessible through class talents. Blizzard intended to call this out as the Colossus tree interacts with Shockwave in a few places.

As more is being revealed regarding the newest World of Warcraft Expansion: The War Within, we are slowly starting to see just how much the scales have changed for Retail WoW. Here is the entire Hero Talent Tree as presented in the most recent blue post.

Colossus Warrior Hero Talent Tree WoW The War Within