WoW MoP Remix: Overview and Features

We will be taking a look at the upcoming limited-time event for World of Warcraft called Mists of Pandaria Remix.

WoW MoP Remix: Everything You Need to Know Explained

With the highly-anticipated limited-time event closing in, we will go over everything you need to know before you get to re-experience the days of Mists of Pandaria through a new and fresh lens. World of Warcraft has been experimenting with these kinds of events, bringing a lot of variety and content for players of all walks of Azeroth.

Players will have the option to create a new Timerunner character that will be teleported back to the Waking Isles, separate of the WoW Classic and WoW Retail environments. There is a lot to unpack this time around, so we will go over the most essential features you should be aware of before giving Mists of Pandaria Remix a try. 

WoW MoP Remix



WoW MoP Remix: Leveling and Content

WoW MoP Remix Leveling and Content

As soon as you create your new character you will find yourself on Pandaria, questing and leveling at a very accelerated rate so you will be constantly unlocking new scaling dungeons, scenarios, and raids. 

For instance, you will be able to complete the Mogu-shan Vaults raid as early as level 25, as the instance will scale as you progress further into Mists of Pandaria Remix.

NOTE: Each character you create and reach max level on will be then transferred to the Retail version of World of Warcraft, meaning you can prepare for the upcoming The War Within expansion just by playing in this event.

Another great thing about Mists of Pandaria Remix is that you will only need an active World of Warcraft subscription to play it, without having to buy the Dragonflight expansion. 



WoW MoP Remix: Loot and Gems

WoW MoP Remix Loot, Gems and Rewards

Another great feature will be the addition of gems that you can socket into your gear, thus unlocking completely new abilities that will shake up the game quite a lot. As you progress, you will gain access to even stronger gems and abilities, so you will get to play an entirely different World of Warcraft.

With over 60 different gems, you will have a lot of opportunities to experiment and explore. Another neat feature will be a scaling cloak that gives you stats based on your encounters and time spent fighting, giving you the typical beneficial stats and even an increased experience gain. 

NOTE: The progress for your cloak applies to your other characters, meaning you will be able to max out multiple characters at a fast pace.

WoW MoP Remix: Gems



WoW MoP Remix: Bronze System and Cosmetics

WoW MoP Remix Bronze and Cosmetics

Players will also be able to purchase Mists of Pandaria transmogs, cosmetics, mounts, pets, and even previously unobtainable cosmetics. You will also have access to a new resource called Bronze that can be converted from the items you obtain. 

This negates some of the unwanted aspects of having to pray to the RNG gods to get that sought-out cosmetic you've been wanting to get for years. There will also be special merchants, selling select gear sets, weapons, mounts and more so be on the lookout for these Infinite Bazaars. 

And that is everything you need to know about the World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Remix event. Make sure to give it a try and even build up your alt army if you would like to try out the next expansion.

You can also watch Blizzard's short overview video, here: